About Us

The goal of The Junk Monks team is to provide you with the space you need minus the unnecessary junk that takes up valuable space.

We take immense pride in our name and call ourselves monks, for we have mastered the art of junk removal. Through market research, mediating, and pondering all the ways of safely removing waste items, it is safe to say that we are the experts of our trait.

Our team of junk removal specialists is well-trained to dismantle and dispose of the items you no longer need, so you have nothing to worry about.

In addition, the Junk Monks’ professionals believe that a clean space leads to a healthy mind. Hence, our constant endeavor is to provide you with a squeaky clean, disinfected area without harming the environment.

The Junk Monks are devoted advocates of environmentally safe junk removal practices. Thus, we strive to repurpose, recycle, and donate as much as possible before taking the waste to the dump yard. By limiting the refuse material that reaches the land or sea in its original, toxic form, we take small steps in providing a green footprint to our mother-Earth!






The Junk Monks team saved me so much time and money! We needed a complete junk and debris removal of our old house before starting renovation, and they did an amazing cleanup in only a few days with half the cost of what others were asking. Can’t recommend them enough!

Billy Sanders

Never seen such a deep clean and clutter removal before! The Junk Monks team revamped my office building in no time and also managed to retrieve important documents while disinfecting everything behind them. Extremely impressed!

Christopher Jensen

Great services provided by The Junk Monks team! Residential cleaning was completed within 2 days! Highly recommend their junk removal services to all.

Wilma B.